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Our mission is to improve people's health and eliminate chronic diseases.

If the Paleo lifestyle has made a positive difference in your health, help spread the word. We can influence the world through our collective voices.

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The mission of Paleo for Life is to eliminate obesity and chronic diseases by sharing the wisdom of the Paleo diet and lifestyle. Read more about our mission and see how you can help.

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maryjuliamac46 shared experience with Paleo Diet for Migraine Headaches a year ago
Darla shared experience with Paleo Diet for Uveitis 2 years ago
Diagnosed with chronic uveitis 18 months ago. I've been to multiple specialists and been told there is no help besides steroids and I'm not being helped by anything...
NDumais shared experience with Paleo Diet for Fatty Liver 3 years ago
My daughter has non alcoholic fatty liver disease with scarring….we are just starting our journey.
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