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Our mission is to improve people's health and eliminate chronic diseases.

If the Paleo lifestyle has made a positive difference in your health, help spread the word. We can influence the world through our collective voices.


The mission of Paleo for Life is to eliminate obesity and chronic diseases by sharing the wisdom of the Paleo diet and lifestyle.


We know that the Paleo lifestyle improves people's health tremendously. We know that conventional "healthy diet" recommendations are actually counter-productive. The average person, however, does not know this. The reason for this gap in knowledge is that the Standard American Diet is still supported by the USDA, medical establishments such as the AMA, AHA, and the ADA, major food companies, major weight-loss companies, and the pharmaceutical industry. On the flip side, even though more and more health researchers are challenging the conventional advice, currently no official organization publicly supports Paleo dietary principles. It is no wonder that most people continue down their self-destructive paths. Thus, the only way to start the sea change is through our collective voices.

So far, no single official body is willing to support the Paleo lifestyle, so the public only hears one side of the story. We can change that. Paleo for Life is a grassroots movement to collect our voices so that the Paleo wisdom can be heard.

How You Can Help

If the Paleo Diet has made a positive difference in your health, help spread the word:

We can show the world the number of people who have improved their lives through the Paleo lifestyle. Once we reach a critical mass, it will no longer be possible for the conventional medical establishment to ridicule Paleo as a fad diet. Once we reach a critical mass, it will be much easier to convince loved ones to change away from their self-destructive current diet. Once we reach a critical mass, we will finally get balance and objectivity in research grants and studies.

It is possible to defeat obesity and chronic diseases. We can do it with our collective voices.

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