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Melissa Fritcher's Experience with
Paleo Diet for Diabetes

9 years ago

I have dealt with Gestational Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes for almost 12 years now. Not taking things as seriously as I should have, and depending on my not-regular devotion to low-carb, led to a weight that topped out at 330, BG near 400, and an incident where I passed out while I was having to play single-Mom to my two kids while my husband was across the country trying to find work. As much as I 'tried' I couldn't commit long-term or get my sugars to regulate like I wanted, off meds. It finally came to a head when I received test results in December 2009, showing my Pancreas was dying. I think that would have made me Type 1.5, dependent on injected insulin for the rest of my life. I went back to low-carb (Would maybe have been labeled Primal if not for the tiny portions of grains, beans, etc - had I known about Primal at that point) and did very well, but my blood sugars didn't come down where I felt they should for the level of carbs I was having. That's when I found Primal/Paleo. By February 2010, I was off injected insulin and Metformin. Primal, I started in May/June of 2010, that got the last of the grains and beans, etc out of my diet, and my fasting blood sugar dropped to right around 80. My A1C (3-month average blood sugar) went from over 8 to 5.2. My weight has dropped over 90 pounds so far. My blood sugar rarely goes over 100, and on a compliant Primal/Paleo plan I have seen a reversal of hypoglycemic symptoms, I practice Intermittent Fasting, and I have fasted up to 27 hours without a crashing low blood sugar, and I can tolerate higher levels of carbs (50-80/day as opposed to 20) as long as it's biologically appropriate ones. It's been amazing. I feel like a different person. Definitely not one who could pass out from high blood sugar, or stroke out at any moment. I look forward to the next round of blood tests - I am going to be asking to retest the pancreas function to see if that's improved as well.

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9 years ago

That's an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing it!

8 years ago

i am type 2 diabetic since 2008, i love hearing stories like this as it motivates me to improve myself. thanks for sharing.

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