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Jeanine's Experience with
Paleo Diet for Hypothyroidism

7 years ago

I'm only on the 4th day of Paleo. I have Hashimoto's, Sjogren's Syndrome, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, and Fibroids. I've read about success with Paleo for all these conditions but not all these conditions together. I had been on a low carb diet but always had a cheat day with grains and once I had grains I couldn't seem to stop wanting them. I quit sugar, gluten and dairy a long time ago but always substituted rice, corn, potatoes or gluten free mixes for my starch. In May 2012 I finally had to give up and have a full hysterectomy. I had been fighting it for a long time but the pain was unbelievable. The surgical menopause was hell. When my doctor finally put me on Estrogen Therapy he neglected to tell me it would aggravate my Hashimoto's which I had under control. I started gaining weight even when I didn't eat! My fatigue was ridiculous. I actually told my husband what to do if I couldn't be woken up. 10 years ago I was near a myxedema coma and the doctor said I was very close to dying. I was so frustrated! I had went through hell trying to heal my thyroid only to have a negligent doctor screw it all up again. I started developing major allergies to foods I was able to tolerate BEFORE my hysterectomy. I couldn't eat nuts, corn (even in small amounts), vinegar or drink wine (sulfites). I basically gave up eating nearly everything but allowed myself potatoes and some gluten free pancake mix and rice bread. I still wasn't feeling all that great and my weight wouldn't budge. I was desperate! I figured I would do a 3 day apple fast and try the Paleo Diet. It's been 4 days and I lost a couple of pounds, I had insomia but I'm sure that's because I've been taking dessicated thyroid and atomidine. I just decreased the dosage of thyroid medication today. I don't have any food cravings of sweets like I used to. I just went to See's Candy to buy a gift and wasn't even tempted to try the sample so I consider that progress! I don't feel the crashing fatigue anymore either so I'm ecstatic. I don't even feel tempted to try any grains. I'll check back in a few days to update but so far, so good!

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